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 Ryan Garrison&Savannah Hayes

Are Getting Married

Welcome to the wedding website of Savannah Hayes and Ryan Garrison. We’re so happy to share with you a little slice of our country side heaven and to share with you: how we met, the proposal, the wedding location and the events calendar that will follow. Follow on to read our story!

Our Love Story The Good Times We Had Together

Savannah Hayes & Ryan Garrison

What started our relationship? I was working at my uncle’s store and Ryan came by (not knowing that I was working there that particular day). He walked up to the window and we start a casual conversation. The subject of some friend getting together for my birthday came up and Ryan made the comment that he wasn’t invited to hang out with everyone. I told him that I didn’t have his phone number or I would have told him about everyone getting together. He said something along the lines of "we need to fix that problem" or “You need my number” (something like that… hinting that I needed his phone number) anyways… I put his number in my phone and I called his phone so he would have my number. Before he left the store he asked me to come out to his house and we would go riding around and check cows. In all honesty, I wasn’t going to hang out with Ryan. I had to go to hospital and check on my mother at the time.

I did not expect to hear anything from Ryan once he left the store. To my surprise later that evening he sent me a text message and it was a picture of his jeep and he was showing me he put some kind of spray liner in it. I cant exactly remember what he said when he sent the picture but I was in shock that he even thought to send me anything! While I left the hospital it was around 8:30 or 9:00 that night and I went to Ryan’s house and we rode around that night and checked cows. Had I known then, what I know now… those cows had been checked 100 times that day!! It was an excuse to get me to come to his house so he could spend more time getting to know me. That was the night that changed my life… I am so happy I decided to take him up on his offer and went to his house!!

the bride
the groom
July 2013

Our First Date

Ryan and I went to the Gary Allan Concert at the Horseshoe Riverdome in July 2013. The best of the this night was when Ryan handed out his hat to Gary Allan and get it signed for me.

The Beginning Is Always Fun and Games

Our First Kiss

We were like two little teenagers who didn’t know how to make the first move. We were sitting in the rocking chair together at my house and he knew I wasn’t going to kiss him first and he said he wasn’t going to kiss me first. Finally after playing that back and forth he swallowed his pride and kissed me.


Our First Vacation

I guess you could call this a vacation (not real sure) but shortly after we got engaged we went to the Ft. Worth cow show. Ryan has a few cows he had to fit while we were there so we really didn’t get to do much.

Dec 2013

The Proposal

Ryan is a nervous wreck when it comes to stuff like the whole proposal process. On December 21, 2013 we were getting ready to leave his grandparent's house. Right before we left he looked at me and told me to get in the truck because we were going to pick out a ring. On the way to pick out my ring Ryan asked if he had to get down on one knee and ask me to marry him. Considering I knew how nervous he was I told him no but that he had to give me a really good reason on why I needed to marry him. He thought about it for a minute and came back with… He knew that I was the one for him shortly after we started seeing one another. He loved watching me with the kids and that I was an amazing mother to my own child and he knew that I would make a good mother to his child as well. He then told me that he loved me with every part within him thats even capable of loving someone, and then he asked if I would marry him. I said YES!!!

But The Best Part Of Our Lifes Is Just Starting...
To Be Continued...
The Bride's Side Friends and family of the bride

These are the friends and family of the bride

bride's mom
Ellen Hayes (Mother)
the bride
bride's dad
Andy Hayes (Father)
bride's maid
Courtney Daugherty (Matron of Honor)
bride's maid
Lisa Jones (Bride's Maid)
bride's maid
Ashley Wright (Bride's Maid)
bride's maid
Alison Casey (Bride's Maid)
bride's maid
Shelby Spigener (Bride's Maid)
bride's maid
Ashley Free (Bride's Maid)
bride's maid
Renae Slusser (Brides Maid)
The Groom's Side Friends and family of the groom

These are the friends and family of the groom

groom's mom
Teresa Garrison (Mother)
the groom
groom's dad
Larry Garrison (Father)
groom man
Ryan Woodward (Best Man)
groom man
Eric Slusser (Groomsman)
groom man
Garrett Hayes (Groomsman)
groom man
Caleb Stephens (Groomsman)
groom man
Boone Birmingham (Groomsman)
groom man
Derek Goyne (Groomsman)
groom man
Jacob Rosewell (Groomsman)
Wedding Location Where's the party?

Ceremony Location

The wedding will be outdoors on the golf course.

  • Carthage County Club

    U.S. Hwy 79

    Carthage, TX 75633

  • October, 11th 2014

    5:30 PM GMT

Hotels Nearby

We really want our out of town guests to be confortable so we put together a small lists of the best price/quality hotels in the area

hotel 1
Fairfield Inn & Suites

105 Interstate 20

Marshall, TX 75672

hotel 2
Holiday Inn Express

500 I-20 East

Marshall, TX 75672

hotel 3
Holiday Inn Express

2295 SE Loop

Carthage, TX 75633

Engagement Gallery

Some Of Our Photos From The Engagement and of the Family

Ryan and my dad went fishing that morning and I gave Ryan strict instructions on what time he needed to be back from the lake. He was pushing it trying to get back and of course anyone who knows me well enough knows it take me FOREVER to get ready to do anything. Well I didn’t have enough time to make it to Ryan’s house to get Asher ready before picture time and Ryan had to pick out the jeans Asher was wearing in the pictures. Funny thing is if you look really closely at the pictures Asher’s jeans are a little to short! I guess that is a man thing!! The pictures ended up being beautiful!! The kids were great and my mom was a big help during the photo shoot!!!


We are registered at these stores:

store 1
Bed Bath and Beyond

Search "Ryan Garrison"

store 2

Who doesnt love Walmart?

store 2

Target is Ryans favorite!

Events Calendar & RSVP

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October, 2014

Guys Night Out
Girls Night Out
Wedding Rehersal
Rehersal Dinner

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